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Growing rooms

For some crops you may need a grow room. This is especially useful for plants that are very dependent on sunlight and require specific conditions, for example tomatoes, peppers or cannabinoids.

What is a hydroponic grow room?

A hydroponic chamber is a fabric attached to a metal frame forming a small chamber, the inside of which is lined with a reflective surface. This allows for better control of the growing conditions and to homogenize and optimize the diffusion of light. This can greatly increase the productivity of the plants. Some models can even control heat and ventilation.

What are the different types of grow room?

Growing rooms come in different sizes. The smallest are about 60 cm high. However, the most common models can accommodate one person. Some are even larger. These are called “grow tents”. There are even “growing rooms”, which are more than ten square meters in size!

Some models are also equipped with a ventilation system.

How to choose a culture chamber?

The choice of your grow tent depends a lot on what you want to use it for. They are not ideal for ornamental plants, as they are enclosed. They are more suitable for edible crops, like vegetables or cannabis.