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Accueil - The different hydroponic systems - Aeroponics, a hydroponic system

Aeroponics, a hydroponic system

Aeroponics is a hydroponic system that consists of spraying the roots of plants with a mist of nutrient solution. This allows a better penetration of both the nutrient solution and oxygen.

The name tends to separate aeroponics and hydroponics: the first would be etymologically “the work of the air” and the second “the work of water”. In reality, aeroponics is a method of hydroponics (yes, the nutrients are still transported by water, even if it is sprayed).
Setting up an aeroponics system

To set up an aeroponics system, you will need

  • A tank in a suitable plastic.
  • A water pump and a timer.
  • Misters.
  • Net pots

The pump will, with the help of the foggers, spray the nutrient solution on the roots of the plants. The installation is very simple:

  1. Install the tank
  2. Place the water pump connected to the timers
  3. Install the misting nozzle
  4. Put the nutrient solution, close the system.
  5. Set up your plants.
  6. Start the aeroponics system.

Advantages and disadvantages of aeroponics


  • Plants are better oxygenated, without the need for an air pump in the tank.
  • The absorption of the plants is more intense in aeroponics


  • Aeroponics is very technical, it requires
  • sophisticated equipment
  • knowledge
  • monitoring
  • Like all active systems, the pump stops supplying water and nutrients and the plants quickly wither.